Workplace Investigations

As an employer, if complaints of unlawful harassment, discrimination or retaliation have been raised against your business, you are required by California law to promptly and thoroughly investigate these allegations and take effective corrective action when appropriate. Colton Law provides unbiased, prompt investigation services that also identify potential training and development needs. Colton Law will:

  • Help you determine if an investigation is necessary and/or is your best option
  • Provide a prompt, thorough, impartial investigation
  • Produce a comprehensive report which identifies the issues investigated, the facts as supported by the evidence, and will draw legal conclusions and provide a litigation assessment upon request

I have extensive experience in conducting workplace investigations, having conducted over 100 investigations and also provide training on how to conduct a workplace investigation. To learn more about workplace investigations and whether you need an investigation that is sensitive to the individuals involved, and which may help you avoid a lawsuit, please call me for an initial free consultation.